oh good. kitty found a mouse. it escaped, but now i know there’s at least one mouse coming inside. and i know kitty can catch it, though that only seemed to last a few seconds

he’ll figure it out


Tina takes the Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


why do they cancel everything i love

why can’t pietro catch a break

why couldn’t people buy anxf more

fuck you all

magistrate-of-mediocrity ASKED:
Noooooo. I don't think I can do this. ANXF is so good! The art is good, the dialogue is good, the characterization is perfect. . . WHY DOES MARVEL KILL EVERYTHING I LOVE!??


according to p david not enough people bought it???? which totally sucks because now they wont get to star together for a long time ughh it was so perfect w wanda and lorna and pietro and pietro and gambit and everyone im so upset rn