"I react badly to fear. I don’t usually have the good sense to run, or hide—I just try to smash whatever it is that is making me afraid. It’s a primitive sort of thing, and one I don’t question too much." - Harry Dresden, Storm Front

"It wasn’t proper police work, Vimes considered, unless you were doing something that someone somewhere would much rather you weren’t doing." - Jingo, Terry Pratchett, p. 71 (via myprivatelibrary)

"The other part of magic you need to know is magic-circle theory. Most magic involves a circle of one kind or another. Drawing a circle sets a local limit on what a wizard is trying to do. It helps him refine his magic, focus and direct it more clearly. It does this by creating a sort of screen, defined by the perimeter of the circle, that keeps random magical energy from going past it, containing it within the circle so that it can be used. To make a circle, you draw it out on the ground, or close hands with a punch of people, or walk about spreading incense, or any number of other methods, while focusing on your purpose in drawing it. Then, you invest it with a little spark of energy to close the circuit, and it’s ready." - Harry Dresden, Storm Front

"There are two parts of magic you have to understand to catch a faery. One of them is the concept of true names. Everything in the whole world has its own true name. Names are unique sounds and cadences of words that are attached to one specific individual—sort of like a kind of theme music. If you know something’s name, you can associate yourself with it in a magical sense, almost in the same way a wizard can reach out and touch someone if he possesses a lock of their hair, or fingernail clippings, or blood. If you know something’s name, you can create a magical link to it, just as you can call someone up and talk to them if you know their phone number. Just knowing the name isn’t enough, though: You have to know exactly how to say it. Ask two John Franklin Smiths to say their names for you, and you’ll get subtle differences in tone and pronunciation, each one unique to its owner. Wizards tend to collect names of creatures, spirits, and people like some kind of huge Rolodex. You never know when it will come in handy." - Harry Dresden, Storm Front

"There are powers in the universe that most people don’t even know about. Powers that we still don’t fully understand. The men and women who work with these powers see things in a different light than regular people. They come to understand things in a slightly different way. This sets them apart. Sometimes it breeds unwarranted suspicion and fear. I know you’ve read books and seen movies about how horrible people like me are, and the whole ‘suffer not a witch to live’ part of the Old Testament hasn’t made things all roses. But we really aren’t any different from anyone else." - Harry Dresden, Storm Front

"I think that men ought to treat women like something other than just shorter, weaker men with breasts." - Harry Dresden, Storm Front

"Science, the largest religion of the twentieth century, had become somewhat tarnished by images of exploding space shuttles, crack babies, and a generation of complacent Americans who had allowed the television to raise their children." - Harry Dresden, Storm Front

"And rather than turning to flee like a sane person, I brandished my staff in one hand, flew him the bird with the other, and screamed, “Hey, Yogi! Here I am! Come get some!”" -

Harry Dresden, Storm Front

This quote is one of the reasons I feel like Harry is at least in part based on Ash Williams from Evil Dead — ‘come get some’ are three words uttered by Bruce Campbell and this is the reason why Bruce will always be my favorite choice for Harry.


The most heartbreaking line in all of science-fiction-musical fandom.